These pieces tell a story - not necessarily with words.


A theme intended for a cyberpunk computer game character.

Negative Space

A journey through negative space. Made with Reason 11.

Return of the Furry

Made this little piece of music back in 2013. It was originally meant to be just a music-box version of my older piece "Home in the Sky" but it was around Halloween time and there were some films on TV at the time which probably influenced the way this developed!

Into the Core (Curious Adventurer Edition)

A classical, adventurous variation of one of the melodies from Into the Core.

Mechanism (Part 2)

The second part of Mechanism, based upon part of the original but with a different overall style. Designed to be suitable as a soundtrack or theme tune.

Into the Core

Inspired by hacking computer code: A couple of years ago I had a fun task of injecting some computer code into another program in order to extract information from it whilst it was running. I found it quite fascinating.

The World Moves on (Part 2)

A particularly dark/dramatic soundtrack, inspired by the seemingly futile efforts of trying to achieve something that others have already achieved - i.e. the rest of the world has moved on, leaving you behind.

The Last Frost

Originally composed sometime during 2007, this piece is named after the fairly cold/icy feeling it has to it.


Gradually transforming from a gentle little melody into a mechanical behemoth, this piece is somewhat symbolic of nature being replaced with factories and machinery. The main instrumentation progressively changes until eventually it becomes a hybrid of natural and artificial sounds which work together in harmony.

The Village with no Apples

An assortment of motifs played through a mixture of classical instruments with OPL3 synths and other heavily-distorted sounds.

Amidst the Fog of War

A dark ballad describing scenes of conflict between two opposing forces, but whilst the fog of war is lifted a conundrum is posed: What if a supposed enemy turns out to be your greatest friend?

Strings of Life

One of my earliest tracks created in Reason, roughly around 2001. Most of it was based on improvisation over the same repeating rhythm, so as a result it does have a bit of a "flat" feeling to its structure.

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