Gentler melodies for reflection and meditation.

Untravelled Paths

Both parts of "Untravelled Paths" (part 1 and part 2) joined together.

Untravelled Paths (Part 2)

A soundtrack-like piece of music with a mixture of different moods throughout.

Untravelled Paths (Part 1)

A calm, gentle piece based on a melody from a previous one ("Into the Core") but using a different chord sequence.

The Long Journey Home

As the title suggests, the inspiration for it was the return home from long journeys away. This is something I often find has an odd feeling to it - a mixture of different moods and thoughts occur along the journey.

A Moment in Chaos

What starts out as a gentle/calm piece later becomes more "chaotic" - but is the beginning a calm before the storm though or a moment that seems to last forever in the middle of something significant?

Light on the Horizon

Be sure to experience this one with headphones on. This piece evolves from a fairly dark, somewhat sad-sounding beginning into a more euphoric and light later section, whilst still prominently carrying through some of the feeling of the earlier section.

Beneath the Stars (Instrumental)

An instrumental version of one of my old songs from ~2005. This is basically how the track sounded before words were added (the bass and drum loop were added later).


Originally composed between October-December 2014 after I woke up in the middle of the night suddenly with an idea for the melody and chord structure. In memory of Theola Greenwood

The Summoner

A magical piece which wanders from place to place, summoning different musical elements as it travels along. At the same time it can make you feel sleepy, so I like to think that it also summons the listener to sleep.

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