The Long Journey Home

Here's a remastered version of "The Long Journey Home", which was originally released around 15 years ago. As the title suggests, the inspiration for it was the return home from long journeys away. This is something I often find has an odd feeling to it - a mixture of different moods and thoughts occur along the journey.

It's a fairly long piece, at 10 minutes in length (the download is pretty big!)

The original composition was created using Midget 3. I had little control over the subtleties of the sounds which had resulted in an imbalanced mix. I spent a few days remastering the whole thing in Reason, using most of the original sounds and making adjustments to improve the clarity. It's slightly faster than the original version as well.

Dedicated to my friend Tom Byrne (as this is a favourite of his, it encouraged me to create this remastered version!)


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