Light on the Horizon

Be sure to experience this one with headphones on. This piece evolves from a fairly dark, somewhat sad-sounding beginning into a more euphoric and light later section, whilst still prominently carrying through some of the feeling of the earlier section.

Part of the inspiration behind this track (and its title) is the rather eerie twilight atmosphere before dawn, where everything is pretty dark but the sky is just starting to get light.

Originally based on some ideas I recorded back in 2007, incorporating some of the instrumentation from my earlier tracks, along with hints of the styles used in them:

3:12-3:33 - "Secrets of Silence"
3:55-4:15 - "Beneath the Stars"

If you have enjoyed listening to the melody of this, do have a closer listen to some of the subtleties in the background instruments as they can be quite nice to focus on!

Composed during 2008, using Reason.


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