Amidst the Fog of War

A dark ballad describing scenes of conflict between two opposing forces, but whilst the fog of war is lifted a conundrum is posed: What if a supposed enemy turns out to be your greatest friend?

Composed January 2015, using Reason 8.



A fearless warrior with un-tamed beasts
Gives the order to remove the leash
They charge on forward in a stampede
He gets crushed and his comrades flee

And through the fog of war, you are my enemy
To your reddened eyes, I am your enemy

You shall fight them, you shall beat them
Speak no words but leave them screaming
March on forwards - never falter
Show no mercy - only slaughter

We move as one and kill relentlessly
We'll feed the ground the corpses of our enemies
Stick to the plan and one-by-one they'll fall down
Never be provoked, don't be pushed back - stand your ground

By nightfall, the fog has cleared
Scouting alone, footsteps I hear
In the darkness, I see you
Now the question: Who kills who?

Suddenly I don't believe that you're my enemy
And you no longer see me as your enemy

We've known each other for so long, through little time
Tell me what's your story and I will tell you mine
And through the fog of war you are my enemy
But that won't change the fact: You are a friend to me


The following sound from Freesound was used:

"Footsteps in the Snow" by magnus589
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

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